Welcome to Women’s Corner!!

Women’s Corner is my blog where I upload posts, articles and information on Girls and Women’s Rights,  Women’s leadership development, and issues/causes,which engage women in Norway and around the world.

Women’s Corner is the main blog on my website and I will do my best to spread knowledge on this blog which will engage, sometimes annoy, spark off debate and dialogue between women across the world. I will also post information here about Half the World’s web-based leadership development programmesfor women, which I offer in a few months.

Women’s Rights are at stake in all countries and it is important to learn about girls and women’s rights, share information about rights abuse and violation of rights, experiences and best practices for how we can support each other to make Rights work.

I am very happy to receive contributions, guest blog posts on women rights issues, and comments through my contact mail, which you find at the end of Half the World’s website. Please leave your email address so that we can network and support each other’s efforts to enhance women’s rights, knowledge and leadership across the world.

The blog is a blog for and with women, hence it is up to us all to make the blog a living organism that contributes to increased understanding about women rights around the world.

Welcome! I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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