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Free leadership development sessions for Women

Yesterday, I released Half the World’s Free leadership development sessions to women in Mumbai, India. More than 1000 women immediately showed interest for the programs. Unfortunately there is a weakness in the link between the FB ad and the system which is releasing the free sessions. For everybody who want to join, please use this link to get the free sessions on your personal email.

Isn’t this fantastic?? Half the World’s free leadership learning sessions; » 4 Steps Towards Becoming a Confident Woman Leader» has had a response far above my expectations. While we debate why there are so few women in leadership positions, even in Norway, to me this is a strong signal that women want to lead, and they want gain leadership knowledge, which enables them to break away from traditional thinking, cultural and political barriers, and  the famous glass ceilings, which still exist about women’s roles and responsibilities.

I am so happy to hear from all the women who have taken time to send me messages of appreciation, commitment to leadership and determination to learn.  It is a call for further action, and I am looking very much forward to the continuation.

These online learning sessions are free.   Women, who would like to join, can register either on my FB adverts which are circulating to recruit women from different countries, on my FB page, Half the World, or on the contact form on my website:

Although I won’t be advertising these free programs forever, women can join on their own leisure by contacting me. There is no time pressure on finalizing the free program, and there are no tests or exams at the end.

The important right now is the investment these women makes in their own learning and the breakthrough this start may make to women’s participation in their own countries, in government, organizations or private enterprises and businesses. While they now reflect on their own motivation and aspirations and how to develop further skills and experiences, they have already started an important journey and joined a movement which can become very big if we continue to join hands around the world.

leadership and learning

Leadership is no quick fix, and especially not for women in developing countries where they have had little or no chance to lead. We know that women will continue to challenged and scrutinized as leaders. However, the better we are prepared, the more open we are about our challenges, the more knowledge and experience we will gain, the better programs we develop to address the challenges and break barriers and glass ceilings.

Leadership development is a never ending journey. This is why it is so important that women join hands and form groups and networks for learning and experience sharing. «To travel alone is lonely, to travel together is an adventure, where we see much more, learn easier, meet others, and experience things we would otherwise never have detected about ourselves, and others!»

women power circle

We have just started this fantastic journey, SO  «A luta continua» ! The most important now is that we are on our way !

With more women in leadership position, change will come in many areas where participation of women has been tokenism. Realization of women’s rights for women will be on women’s premises. This is long overdue as women have been excluded from decision making decisions about matters that concern their lives for far too long.

womancan do it

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Invester i deg selv! Utvikle ditt ledertalent!

Halve Verdens lederutviklingsprogrammer for kvinner, utviklet av kvinner for kvinner,  er nå åpne for registrering.

De nettbaserte programmene er laget for deg som har en travel hverdag og som trenger fleksibilitet til å studere når du har tid og mulighet – om dette er hjemme, på jobben eller andre steder der du har internettilgang. Programmene er interaktive og setter deg i kontakt med andre kvinner som er i samme situasjon som deg gjennom webinarer og Facebooksiden som er opprettet spesielt for programdeltakerne.

Kursprogrammene vil bli satt i gang i løpet av senhøsten og tar for seg temaer som gjør deg til en bedre og mer reflektert leder og diskuterer utfordringer som kvinner møter i lederrollen. Les mer Invester i deg selv! Utvikle ditt ledertalent!