Half the World’s Web-based Leadership Programmes for Women in English are now open for registration !

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I am happy to announce that Half the World’s internet based Leadership Development Programmes for women at introductory and middle level are now registering participants for programmes starting soon, hopefully already mid-August 2014.

At the moment Half the World offers two web-based leadership development programmes for women:

1. Introductory level leadership development programme, targeting women with very little or no leadership experience but with interest to learn and take up a future career in leadership.

The Introduction to leadership programme consists of 5 video lectures supported by 2 webinars and assignments to be reflected upon by the participants, and discussed during the online webinars. The programme has its own workbook, which will be shared with the participants after registration.

The five video lectures address the following themes:

1. Introduction-how the leadership development programs run

2. Motivation and aspirations

3. Women and authentic leadership

4. Women leadership and working environment

5. Women leaders and authority

The two online webinars follow Video number 3 and 5. Please see the link to the introductory video on how the programmes will be run. Please note that some countries may not have a country coordinator yet, and that I will directly support those participants who attend from those countries.

As a bonus to the programme there will be a lecture on authentic leadership, the leadership approach that Half the World promotes for women leaders!

The Introduction to Leadership Programme is now offered at an introductory price of 700 US dollars per participant , a 60% discount on the price it will be offered at after 1 September 2014. (Normal price 1700 USD).

2. The Middle level leadership development programme comprises 7 videos and 3 online webinars and is developed for women who are at middle level management or leadership levels and who wish to learn more about leadership theory and leadership techniques for women, in order to enhance their careers, expand their opportunities in the labour market and become better leaders.

UNICEF kolleager i Uganda

The programme consists of 7 video lectures, which are supported by 3 online webinars. The online webinars will be arranged after video 3, 5 and 7.

1. Introduction-how programs run

2. I, ME, a leader?

3. Leadership styles that suit women

4. Leadership and communication

5. Organisational culture,structure and Women leadership

6. Authentic leadership in practice

7. Leadership being challenged

This programme is also supported by assignments integrated in each video, a workbook and will also have two bonus lectures whose content will be determined in collaboration with the programme participants. Please see the introduction to leadership video for how the programmes will run for detailed information.

Please find the link to Introduction to leadership  – how programmes will run here; If you cannot access it directly from here, open it in your browser;  https://vimeo.com/93120598

The Middle Level Leadership Development Programme for women is now offered at 1500 USD until 1 September 2014 (Full price is 3200 USD).

Please visit Half the World’s website;  www.halveverden.wordpress.com for further information about Half the World and our leadership for women philosophy.

Kindly use the contact form on Half the World’s Website for registration to the programmes. Please clearly indicate which programme you like to join.

An email will be sent to you to confirm that your participation registered with payment details.

Please also note that Half the World will be offering Snr. Leadership Development Programmes for women leaders from 2015.



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